Thursday, November 29, 2018


Late late late....  no shocker there. 

Another month another first Wednesday with Danny B. 

They’d been playing for an hour or so by the time I got there. I can’t seem to make it early enough for their whole set. Pitiful me....

They were killing it of course, even though the crowd was thinner than in weeks past. Beto losing the election the night before  didn’t help attendance.  We knew that going in.  But Danny and his boys just got up and did it. Like always.  

We went up and hit the room with a few new tunes. By new I mean we haven’t played them in a few years. We’ve got a pretty huge list of tunes we’ve played over the years. Lots to pull from.  We added “Endless Sleep”, “They Can Only Fill One Grave” and “Pistol Packin Mama” this time. And the folks that made it out dug it. 

It was pretty solid all around. Just like it will be the next time. And....

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


While the last tunes were being played at the “real” ACL we had something brewing at the South Austin Museum Of Popular Culture. A Davy Jones cartoon retrospective with the proceeds going to a book of his work. 

It was pretty cool. Loads of gig posters (several shows I played) loads of comics from when he was in the army and a bunch of the normal Davy’s hilarious  bullshit. It was nice to see. 

Hickoids went up after Pony. We had a sloppy good set. But at some point I turned the bass up a little too loud and I made my cabinets vibrate off of each other throwing the head and the top cabinet to the ground, not the best but apparently nothing is fucked. I finished the set and did another after with no problems. 

Frontier Dan got up with us. As usual it was a blast with him. He is always so happy when he gets up with us.  Same for me.  

Bigfoot finished it off. We even got Cody up to wawa a solo on Whale for a little insiders treat to Jones. It was a really nice night. And I got to play for a couple of hours!

Sunday, October 14, 2018


ACL week two, day one

Hickoids were on at ABGB with a handful of our favorites for one hell of a night. I had to go back for some more dental work and I was (still am) on antibiotics... totally bummed I really like the beer at ABGB and I’m not “allowed” to have any....

We got there and Jean Caffeine was finishing up. She was playing drums?!!  Never seen her do that before. They were also playing “Wimp” by the Zeros. Happy me!

Harvey was next and they whipped it.  Duh... he’s got a sweet ass band and they’ve brought it every time I’ve seen them.  No exception on this night. 

We were next and our stuff was fine. But then  the man, the legendary Frontier Dan got up!! We did five tunes with him. The last one was the “Arkansas Twist” and there was a dance contest!! Fun and funny as hell!! And it’s always fun when Dan visits. 

Pocket Fishermen finished us off. Yeah! Really great night. 

And week two night two. I’m not playing!! But I’ll be there. Loads of great stuff goin on!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Second night of ACL

I was feeling a hell of a lot better than the first night...  Not all the way there but dramatically better. 

I got to the White Horse and Churchwood was up. Killing it. Don’t know if it’s just the sound guy there (he is really fucking good) or if it’s just them, but it’s the most even I’ve heard a band sound in a long time. A few new tunes I haven’t heard, what a treat!

Western Star had a few new ones as well. Good to see the fellas. They had a killer set that also sounded clear and even (got to be the sound guy!!) 

We were up next. It was Tom’s birthday so he was well lubricated for our slot. No one fell but most of Tom’s gear had “problems” along the way...  I’ll leave it at that.  

We we were done I started feeling kinda crappy so I missed A Pony Called Olga and The Beaumont’s. I’m betting they killed it. Kinda the theme for the night. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018


First night of ACL

This is another one of those times where reality gets in the way of the music.  I had a cracked tooth repaired the day after the last Bigfoot show and I was felling pretty fucked for the beginning of the big fest.  Aging, reality... I’m over it. 

I have a novocaine allergy so I spent most of the day “coming down” from the shots they gave me the day before. The whole afternoon I was feeling like the inside of my tongue was itchy. And my gums and cheeks were either on fire or felt like they needed cleaning with a wire brush.  I picked up some better meds and hoped I’d make the show....

We were second of five and I took some pain pills and swabbed my teeth and gums with a numbing gel right before we went up. Not the best but it took care of me. 

Our set was a fucking mess.  We hadn’t seen each other since the tour so no real rehearsal.  The Empire Control room is a weird place to play anyway. The stage looks big but it’s not in reality. And there is a screen behind it with another few feet before the back wall so there is zero acoustic reinforcement.  Bass always sounds like crap in that situation. Also Cody fell down drunk right before the amp he was using fried a capacitor. It was that kinda night. 

White Horse tomorrow. 

Friday, October 5, 2018


Third one of these nights at the Sahara with Danny B Harvey. The crowd was noticeably thinner than the last time.... It is a Wednesday after all.  

I finished loading in at the end of Danny’s set. Wish I em saw more but I was running late. Sometimes it’s impossible to get moving. 

We set up and got at it. We seem to do fifteen-twenty songs a show in one long set. It feels good stretching out like that. We’ve also been rehearsing every month. Thats loads of forward movement for bigfoot!!

We were pretty sloppy for the first bit. Eventually a few new folks came in and we tightened it up a little. By the time we were  finishing up with “Harpoon Man” they were all up and staring at us. 

November should be great!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


It was a rainy Friday night but the roads were pretty clear for the drive to Houston.  It’s Swishbuckler time again. Ahoy!

We were at Rudyards with the Poor Dumb Bastards. Our set was a messy ball of fun. We were a little all over the place, only one rehearsal since last year.... what do you want. Good thing the set doesn’t change much (or all!) 

Tommy is back so we are a two guitar band again.  It’s a thicker sound with two of us. And on occasion there are some harmony parts!!

We wrapped it up and PDB went on, they were playing the next night in Austin, see y’all then. We took off and made it home a little after three.