Saturday, March 17, 2018

3/17/18 part one

First of two today.

Hickoids were at Voodoo Donuts playing in between Count Vasoline and DiNOLA. We are in a sea of SXSW attendees, band people and folks getting drunk for St Patrick’s day.

Lance sat in with the Count. The two of them had a real rocking set. All of that Velvet Underground sounds but with that edge of it being just guitar and drums. Pretty sweet. And speaking of donut shop humor... The Count had a ton of good additions to his tunes about that fried deliciousness. How could he not!

We went up and did our stuff. Smitty was all over the place, in the street, on tables, laps and in peoples faces. Most folks got it. The set was fun a few friends showed up and a bunch of strangers saw us for the first time. And that’s always great... But the most important thing was I GOT DOUGHNUTS!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018


Had a pretty rough Bigfoot show yesterday. One of those inevitable train wrecks you've got to get though, We did...

It was part of the Midcoast Takeover at Shangri-La, we played it last year and they were nice enough to have us back. In 2017 we played after a band with two rappers, this year it was a duo called "The Country Duo".

They are from Kansas City and had a hell of a set. A singer on rhythm and a steel player who also did a lot of baritone guitar. Even a little slide on that baritone! They pressed a 45 they recorded at Sun in Memphis, I'm betting that sounds like God. I should have picked one up...

So we went up next. Walter lost his voice so we could barely hear him. There was also a nice, big PA and we aren't really a "monitor" band so none of us thought about having him cranked. To top it all off we played everything was too fast. I know, excuses excuses. It won't be the last time we take it on the chin but it sucks when it happens  Dean from the Waco Brothers sat in with us the whole time. He was adding some really nice stuff. Imagine what would have happened if we'd been on! 

The Waco Brothers were next, what a band! Really powerful without any pretension or bullshit. I really dug watching them play. Loads of the good feels. I had to cut out before they were finished, my truck was parked in a place that started towing at 6PM . 

Every year you have to get a little more creative with parking and getting around during SX. Most of the neighborhood was permit parking, but the church would let you in for $20. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Good time at the White Horse last night. SXSW unofficial pre-show with a shit load of bands. Of course I showed up late and only caught a couple of them before we went on... We were last... Not the headliners.

Texicali's new band was great. The rhythm section of We Are The Asteroid and Chelsea Taylor on guitar, AKA the secret weapon. They put on a hell of a set. She is actually the most impressive player I've seen in years. She's only done a dozen or so shows in her life and she just kills it on rhythm and lead without looking like she's even working. Some people just have it.

Pure Luck was next. All of those double leads!! I can't get enough of that crap, I'm a real sucker for it. At the end of one tune the did a minute of an Outkast song. Some college students had walked up right before and they were so excited!!! But they walked away soon after the next tune started... 

Our set was golden. The place was pretty crowded and stayed that was for most of it. Even though we gave them plenty of reasons to leave! Apparently folks need that Hickoid love. We gave them all of the sloppy goodness we had.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Hickoids were down in San Antonio last weekend. We were at the Paper Tiger, third on a bill of four. The headliners were the Dead Milkmen. The place was packed.

I got there and The Sons of Hercules were ripping through it. Frank is one of the best "don't give a fuck" front men ever. So much fun watching him and the rest of the group.

White Heat was next. Apparently it was their first show in twenty years?!! Didn't seem possible, they had a great set and every song flowed right in to the next one. Like they planned it!

Our set was pretty good. It's fun as hell playing in front of a packed house. We don't usually have that "problem". The last time we were at Paper Tiger we played for a dozen people this time it was around a thousand. Or capacity. Either way, it feels good to rock out for that many people at once.

The Milkmen were great. They did Punk Rock Girl as the second song as if to say "If you came for this you can leave now" But it's San Antonio, nobody is leaving that early. Especially when the second song was Taco Land! 

Hell of a night!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Second night of two, it was supposed to be three, but the benefit we were gonna play the next night got canceled. Long story involving some deceit and a weed deal that never ended up happening for the benificiary...  Yup.

We were second of three at the Lost Well, the boys for Alaska were first and Cunto! finished the night off.

The place was pretty crowded for our slot. Loads for those Cunto fans love us. And they are a rowdy bunch! At some point Smitty was on the ground, missing his shirt and some gal was grinding on him. Boom.

We finished it off with a bunch of covers.  I had to beg to play “China Grove” instead of “Take It Easy”. Believe it or not it’s the lesser of two evils.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hickoids had a nice rehearsal last night at in San Antonio at High Tones. That's right, rehearsal... it wasn't much of a show. But we went up and did it. Our next set in Austin should be great.

We went on after the Goddamn Ranchhand Band. a couple of guys from Alaska the fellas hooked up with when they went up there without me last year. Mandolin, guitar and all the dumb jokes you need.

Harvey went up after us but Lance and I snuck out right after we finished. Boring old men with day jobs.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


It was one of those "oh shit kinda" nights...

Bigfoot was on at the Hard Luck playing after The Beautiful Delilahs. It was cold as hell.... Like 38 degrees and it's always outdoor there. And (sigh) And I thought it was at the Lost Well and I dressed for an inside show... So stupid. Life has been on top of me for the past little while so I "put" us in another club where it was warm!!! Wish I'd layered better.

Delilahs were killing it and looking warm, moving up around there on the stage. I know the lights are LED's but the looked toasty. I was even envious because the stage isn't concrete and it would be warmer than where I was standing. 

Our set was pretty good considering. I asked that we play a slow one to start off, my hands couldn't deal with the cold! Anyway, we played pretty good and the turnout was decent considering it was 38 degrees outside...