Thursday, October 12, 2017


First official night of ACL, we were at the White Horse. There were a bunch of bands on the bill so the sets were short but the rock was plenty.

Too much for recaps and I was tired as hell so I remember about a third of what happened... But we had PDB, Fishermen, Pat Todd, Roger Wallace, the Sons and Hickoids all jammed in to a Friday. The place went from mildly attended to fairly packed even though the "real" ACL crowds didn't seem to be out.

We were on after the Fishermen and had Dan up for four tunes. We did all the songs we know with him and the crowd ate him up. Smitty came out at the top of the set as an ear of corn and eventually he stripped that off... He had buckskin pants on underneath. Hickoids, keepin up the class!

I missed Saturdays show and we are back at ABGB, Friday the 13th for week two!

Friday, October 6, 2017


Last night had us in San Marcos at the Buzzmill.

When I showed up Pat and the Outsiders were setting up, I'd already missed Harvey... Damn.

Pat's set was great, almost all of the tunes were different than the night before. Stylistically similar but different "numbers". Mmmmm, Professionals!

Our set was short but rockin. They have a noise cutoff at 11 and we went on a little after 10. A decent amount of time, but with all of the bullshitting we do... During the first song I pulled a Davy Jones by stepping on my cords and unplugging my tuner... twice... Sigh.

We did Glorious Heroin and Half Breed/Eighteen with Frontier Dan. What a charming son of a bitch. We ended our set with Donkey Lady at lightning speed. It was more than a little unhinged.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


It's (almost) Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta time! The true ACL weekend one officially starts Friday, but we have a couple of preview shows first.

Hickoids played at Jandro's in San Antonio last night. I'd never been there, but it's another new/cool place on St Mary's. The ever expanding street of rock.

We were last after two bands from Sweden and our buddies Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders!!! Bring it!

I was running a little late so I thought I'd only catch one of the Swede collectives, but the night was running late... I showed up when Shady and the Vamp were two songs in. Rocking ass set. As were the Martin Savage Gang. Both bands had the core "Vamp" and then (I'm assuming) Martin Savage added in on guitar and vocals. Two sets of high energy rock and roll. A great way to start the night.

Pat was Pat. Always engaging while the Outsiders sling that no bullshit rock and roll. This was the first of three in a row we are doing with them. I'm lucky as hell sometimes. We get all of this out-of-town love in for ACL.

Speaking of, Frontier Dan is in to do his part. He is hopping up for a few songs each night with us. It's always a treat to play with that dude. The comedy runs high when Dan is around. AND he brought his Theremin!! I love it...

We finished up around the time I thought I'd be back home and in bed... No big deal, sleep will come later.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


We did some Swishbuckling the other day. Hurricane Harvey dumped down on the Texas coast and some greasy rock and rollers had a benefit for some of the people it crapped on.

Thursday at the Paper Tiger down in San Antonio, we were in the middle slot. The crowd was ok, but it looked nonexistent in that space... Big joint, twenty people, it happens. No big deal, we gave it good.

I really got to open up the amp in that space. Lots of opportunities to let the feedback build between the guitar, amp and PA. Magical and one of the coolest thing you can do playing guitar with minimal effort!!

The Sons were last and the killed it (as usual).

You know, I think we got some Corn on the way!!

Friday, September 29, 2017



It was Lawrence's tribute at the Hole and there were a ton of folks there to celebrate his life. It was the type of night you'd expect to bump in to him... yeah.

Originally I wasn't on the bill at all, I was just gonna go see the Fishermen but Bigfoot got added on at the last minute so I got to rock for the Lar Lar one last time.

We'd practiced the day before. We were joking around about how we had twenty minutes so we only needed to practice six or seven tunes to fill the space. Got seven down and went home. At the show we were told we had a thirty minute set... rock in the big city.

I stuck around for most of the lovefest. It was a good night, but someone was definitely missing.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Late as hell...

It was the Hickoids at AGBG with Chicken Snake. They drove over from New Orleans to do a little rock and roll with us. I walked up after parking and Pauline was sitting outside talking with Smitty. She said "Don't you play in South Filthy?" My response was "Yes, Who are you? and I love you!"

New best friend. Seriously. I was a little out of it before I got there but not after we met!

They went up and killed it. The best standing two-drum, drummer I've ever seen. She actually made it groove. Not an easy task with so little to work with. And everything else made me happy as hell. We got to get back to NO for some shows with them.

We went up and it was the usual Hickoid stupidity. Loud and dumb with beer spilled all over the floor. At the end of the night Johnnie Hell got up and played drums with Lance sliding over to play the floor tom. Possibly the best musical Hickoid moment ever. My grin went on so long I forgot to type this up...

Friday, July 28, 2017

RIP Lawrence Heads

We lost a good one the other day. Lawrence Heads died from some heart related complications after decades of being one of the biggest live music fans in Austin.

During the original run of the Hole in the Wall he would bounce between the Hole  and the Showdown (now the Local) drinking/music circuit and that's where I met him. It was after one of my early solo shows he walked up and started asking me about my act. Direct and serious questions that were incredibly well thought out, from a guy who was obviously soaring on a head full of something. We were pals almost immediately.

Over the next few years he'd seen me play several hundred times. No joke. If I was at the Hole doing anything, Lawrence was there. The man was gold.

The Hole closed then reopened a couple of years later, Lawrence was at my first show. I was thrilled he was out, even though I'd kinda expected it. After the set he came up to me and I jokingly said "Oh man, Good to see you, I didn't think you liked my shit anymore". He looked me dead in the eye and said "Fool, I love you."

I loved him too.