Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Off of tour and back to reality. Bigfoot has that monthly at the Sahara lounge. And it’s with Danny B Harvey!!!

I got there and he was ripping that tele up. No shocker there. Pretty much what he does. The rhythm section was two totally different dudes this time. Didn’t get to meet either of them.... oh well. They had a hell of a set.  

We went up and did it.  No rehearsal so things were a little seat of the pants. But we pulled it off. Sometimes that edge is what makes it. Pretty sure that’s what happened here. 

It feels like Bigfoot’s been needing something like this for a while. I think the monthly could make us stronger, faster and more powerful than ever...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


After a nearly eight hour drive we made it to Marfa. We were the only band on the bill at the Lost Horse Saloon and it was a set up and play kind of an affair. Decent joint! Nice and muddy the kinda joint that I didn’t expect to see in Marfa (non-artsy, just regular!) I’m really happy we played there. 

We were exhausted. And you could tell...   A fried was there and he said we would “get up” for the songs but we’d drop back down in between.  But he said we would get up more and more with each tune. To the point where we were killing it near the end. Last show of the tour, we were all out. 

After we loaded, sat around shooting the shit for a while. Then we made the night drive back to our respective houses. Nearly nine hours later I made it home. Tour over. Now sleep. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Pork Torta opened up for us last night at Hotel Congress in Tucson. Pretty great night even though we were exhausted by the eight hour drive from LA. Hotel Congress is where Dillinger got caught. it’s  a cool place and is probably the oldest building in another rapidly gentrifying downtown. 

The “Torta” had the double amp setup. A full bass and guitar rig on each side of the stage.  They set up in a line with the drummer dead in the middle. Both the guitar and bass played brown SGs and they rocked it. High energy, punchy stuff. Really fun and a lot of sound from a three piece. 

This place had a curtain that goes up at the start of the show and back down at the end.  This was perfect for our intro music. It’s a minute long and at about 45 seconds in the curtain came up. The Hickoids. Looking more professional than we ever will be. 

Marfa tomorrow. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Here we go. This was the big one, LA with Pat Todd. I’ve been waiting for this show for months. 

Pat and the Outsiders are one of my favorite bands ever. No bullshit. Just straight forward rock and roll. And what a good fucking set.... they blew it away. The five of them really play as one piece and they don’t let up. Each tune backed up against the last. Bam Bam Bam. 

The crowd really ate it up. It’s the Outsiders hometown, they have that built in advantage. But they don’t cut any corners with the rock. I don’t know if they could. 

Pat does this thing (seen it more than once) where he tells the crowd three songs left, two....  At the end of the last one he even counts down the choruses, 3...2...1... It’s as if he’s saying “you only have this much time left with us. Enjoy it.”

We went up and the place was still packed. We hit them hard. Best show of the tour. My mic was right at the end of the stage and it kept falling over but two different dudes were catching it and popping it back up. Stagehands who paid cover!, I love LA!

Tucson tomorrow. 

Friday, August 24, 2018


Well Ventura was last night... played at a place called the Red Cove. Jackass was the lie we and they had a really nice set. I like seeing dudes like this rocking it. And it was the first upright bass I’ve seen all trip!!

We went up and hit it pretty hard. The crowd seemed to enjoy our set. When we finished up I packed up my crap , leaded it in the van and headed to the hotel. I heard what happened. They didn’t pay us...  Don’t know why and I don’t really care. The fellas went back and eventually got three-fourths of what we had guaranteed. But...

So a note me to all touring bands (and area bands that probably already know this)   Don’t play the Red Cove in Ventura. You may be wasting your time and get ripped off!

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Last night Fang opened for us in Santa Cruz at the Blue Lagoon. It’s a joint in the strip mall section of downtown. An attempted “normalization” of the city. Bizarre that someone in the city council thought a master planned shopping area was a good move in a surf town with a boardwalk. Seems counterintuitive. 

Fang tore it up but the PA was all screwed up so you couldn’t hear the vocals at all. Not the lead or the backing...  You could kinda hear what Sam was saying between songs but even then it sounded like shit. They still whipped it.  

We went up and the crowd was still pumped after all the Fang. We gave them what they wanted. After the show I was talking to this guy who said one of the PA speakers came on when we had fifteen minutes left in our set.  He told me that was the first time he heard my vocals all night....

Ventura tomorrow. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Our day off was full of driving. Left Bend around 11 am and didn’t hit San Francisco till about 10:30 that night.  And the smoke... saw a bunch of warn out firefighters at one point. Brutal job.  

Our show was at the Elbo Room. We played here with the Grannies the last time we come through. Dramatically better turnout this time. Most of the folks were there to see Sluggo’s new band REQD.  It was their first show. They did a really nice job for the first time out. Especially since it’s such an ambitious project. Two guitar, bass, drums, two back up singers, a fiddle AND a horn player. Lots of folks up there can’t be easy to keep that together. 

We kinda kicked it. The full day in SF had us all rested and feeling good. I spent my time getting lost and walking the hills. Just what I wanted. We also got to see all the Grannies, love those dudes.  

Santa Cruz tomorrow.