Monday, May 21, 2018


o late... 

It was Fredstock again and the Hickoids were playing last. This was the first year the "stock" was a part of Fiesta, the huge, month long party that takes over the middle of San Antonio. Pretty cool deal for SA University. And they deserve it, this is a realy nice party.

Just like last time It was on a decent size stage that was ten feet up and had some seriously rickety stairs. The bass and drums were backlined so Lance and I had it easy with just a couple of trips up and down. But the other dudes...

Our set was ok. Relying on monitors is not a Hickoid strength, but we gave it all we could and the crowd liked it. All that really counts. We'd play this event every year if they asked us (ahem...). It's a nice way to spend a Sunday.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Had a little solo set the other day.

My buddy Ken Jones was hosting a music happy hour at the Austin Poetry festival. He'd put out a call for a non-paying gig and it sounded like the perfect opportunity to get off my ass and work up my solo act. So I did!

I got there and Ken was up doing his thing with a guy on percussion, I was next. They finished and before I started setting up I asked the guy on drums if he wanted to play. He was in so solo set be damned!! I was a duo?...

He was on my shit. Right with me through every style I play. He was hitting a nice groove the whole time. We were up to the tenth song and I threw out "99 Bottles of Beer" so he could do the solos.  He tore that shit up!

After I packed up I shook his hand and thanked him, but it wasn't until I was back home that I realized I didn't remember his name... Kinda lame and beautiful at the same time.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


We were in Denton on this Saturday night at Dan's Silver Leaf playing with Slobberbone! Not just playing with them, they opened for us?!?!?! I was texting with Smitty earlier in the day and he said "the opener", not "the opener, Slobberbone" Or "Slobberbone's on first". None of that. I was shocked when they started setting up before us.

The drive up was easy, Easter weekend and most of the traffic was already where it wanted to be. I'd pre-loaded my cabinets in the freak but there was no need for them to make the trip. Bass players share!

They had a pretty kick ass set. The crowd was thick and really in to it. Brian (on Bass) hit both "Sailors Hornpipe" and "Yackety Axe" in the middle of tunes. Fuck! Yes!

Our set was ok. We weren't the tightest even though Smitty wrote up a set list before we went on. That might be the sixth time that's happened in my history with the band.

Anyway, the crowd dug us even though it slowly thinned out through the course of our set. At the end it was a dozen or so hard rocks and the members of Slobberbone staring at us. 

I like it up in Denton

Friday, March 30, 2018


Hickoids were at the Mix Wednesday night down in San Antonio. It was a bitch of a drive at the end, Getting to Schertz was easy, from there on it was storming like all hell. Nothing but lightning, rain and water all over the road. Joy.

We were the first of three, it was the 34th anniversary of the Hickoids first show and we were opening for Fang.

The new Mix is not the old Mix. I get it, they needed to do something with the place and it was pretty beat, but the changes are not improvements... The stage is too small. It's just a box that amps and drums sit on so when things get loud it's a big drum and amp resonating chamber. It sounds like shit in there. Old man complaining about change, shocker.

So we played ok, but it sounded terrible and the PA was overloaded the whole set. Yeah...

Fang was up next (and a band from Baltimore was after them) but I had to run as soon as were were finished. A couple of the Fang dudes told me we had a great set and I said thanks and took off. Pretty lame of me but it was reflective of the night.

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Bigfoot was playing late at the Hole. The week after SXSW makes it hard for folks to come out. But everyone who makes it is a true music fan ready for a kick ass show. Or an employee of the club...

Rubilators were hittin it hard when I came in through the back door. (Avoiding the sharpie heart that everyone else had on the backs of their hands.) They were down a man but it didn't really make that much of a difference. I think everyone notched it up a little. Great set.

The Differentials were next. It was their night, they put the bill together and had a pretty incredible set. I hadn't seen them for a couple of years (I'm guessing here...) the "new" lineup really kills. Glad they put us on. They are having a record release at Antone's Sunday afternoon... Hmmmm...

We had a redemptive show. Considerably better than the last one. We even added a couple of new/old ones on the fly. 

Fun night.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

3/17/18 part two

Last show of the SXSW season. Hickoids at the 04 lounge. I got there right when DiNOLA was going on.

What a set! They played it loud and heavy. Totally killed it. I hadn’t seen them for well over a year (I can’t really remember when...). They do a lot of twin bass and guitar lines while the drums screw with the placement of the groove. So fucking cool. Can’t wait to see them again.

Our set was on of those that make me feel good to be a Hickoids. We tore that shit up, threw it on the ground then tore it up again. We finished and it was closing time. Great way to end the festival. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

3/17/18 part one

First of two today.

Hickoids were at Voodoo Donuts playing in between Count Vasoline and DiNOLA. We are in a sea of SXSW attendees, band people and folks getting drunk for St Patrick’s day.

Lance sat in with the Count. The two of them had a real rocking set. All of that Velvet Underground sounds but with that edge of it being just guitar and drums. Pretty sweet. And speaking of donut shop humor... The Count had a ton of good additions to his tunes about that fried deliciousness. How could he not!

We went up and did our stuff. Smitty was all over the place, in the street, on tables, laps and in peoples faces. Most folks got it. The set was fun a few friends showed up and a bunch of strangers saw us for the first time. And that’s always great... But the most important thing was I GOT DOUGHNUTS!!!!